Apple Watch Medical App: CURB65 Pneumonia Score

CURB_MockupCURB-65 is a clinical prediction calculator for estimating the risk of death for people with pneumonia. This medical calculator is useful at the point of care because it can help determine who needs to be admitted to the hospital for inpatient treatment of a pneumonia.

The CURB-65 calculator is now available as an Apple Watch medical app.

CURB-65 is an acronym for the components of this clinical risk calculation.
Each risk factor scores one point, for a maximum score of 5:

– Confusion
– Blood Urea nitrogen greater than 19 mg/dL
-Respiratory rate of 30 breaths per minute or greater
-Blood pressure less than 90 mmHg systolic or diastolic blood pressure 60 mmHg or less
– Age of 65 years or older