Fillable PDF Medical Documentation Templates

MedicalTemplates are fillable PDF files.

Fillable MedicalTemplates function like all other PDF files, but they have editable text fields and working checkboxes.  This allows information to be typed in or pasted from other applications to fill out the template.

Filled MedicalTemplates can be printed and saved to a computer, USB drive, CD, DVD, or other storage device at a fraction of the cost of an electronic medical record.

The saved MedicalTemplates can be searched, reviewed, printed, or modified whenever needed without internet access or a connection to a remote computer.

The data stored in a  MedicalTemplate can even be cut and pasted into another application, such as an electronic medical record.

How to use the Fillable features of MedicalTemplates

Step 1
– Open the PDF file with Adobe Reader

Desktop icon for asthma               evaluation medical note template

Step 2 – Type data into
Template.  Checkboxes are active and can be checked.

Step 3 – When data entry is complete, Select File->Save As



Step 4 – Enter name for saved template, then press save.


Step 5 – The template can now be printed or reopened as needed.
Once reopened, the file can be edited and saved again.


MedicalTemplates are in the Adobe PDF format, which requires the free Adobe Reader.  With Adobe Reader, these templates can be printed as many times as needed on paper meeting your specifications or the specifications of any clinic, hospital, or other health care facility.