Physician Friendly Medical Documentation Tools

MedicalTemplates are physician designed and tested medical documentation templates developed to help physicians and other health care providers satisfy the stringent clinical documentation requirements before health insurance companies, Medicare, or Medicaid will pay for medical services.
Licenses for MedicalTemplates start at $99 for a single user.  Volume discounts are available.

Medical Documentation References

Available Medical Documentation Templates

Hospital History and Physical
Hospital Follow Up
Clinic History and Physical
Clinic Follow Up

Pulmonary New Inpatient Evaluation
Pulmonary Inpatient Follow Up
Pulmonary Clinic New Outpatient Evaluation
Gastroenterology Evaluation
Psychiatry Evaluation

Asthma Evaluation
COPD Inpatient Evaluation
COPD Outpatient Evaluation
COPD Follow Up
Pneumonia Evaluation
Influenza Like Illness Evaluation
Chest Pain Evaluation
Pleural Effusion Evaluation
Pulmonary Hypertension Evaluation
Interstitial Lung Disease Evaluation
Lung Mass Evaluation
Sleep Disorder Evaluation
General Psychiatry Evaluation
Diabetes Evaluation
Sepsis Evaluation
Hypertension Evaluation
Orthopedic Evaluation