Physician Productivity Tracker – iRVU Hospital

Physician productivity matters!

Over 70% of physicians getting paid on the basis of work RVUs, tracking your own productivity is essential to know what your productivity pay will be.

iRVU lets you track work RVUs (Relative Value Units) for inpatient medical services like new patient H&Ps, critical care, consults, and follow up visits at the point of care. 

iRVU is updated to include the option of printing your productivity data with a AirPrint printer.

Just type in the number of new patient encounter for each coding level, and iRVU will automatically calculate your total RVUs, RVUs per encounter, Medicare charges, and Medicare charges per encounter.

What others are saying about iRVU Hospital?

iRVU app is a simple resource tracker for physicians that needs some further enhancements by Surinder Yadav MD