MedicalTemplates Return On Investment (ROI) Estimates

MedicalTemplates are an efficient, affordable, and professional medical note templates with the potential for a very high Return on Investment (ROI).

MedicalTemplate Estimated 1 Month ROI Calculation

Potential Increased Revenue/Month ($3000)
————————————————————–            x100 = ROI (600%)
Template Cost ($150) + Computer Cost ($350)


MedicalTemplates ROI Assumptions

  • 1 Medical Template ($150)
  • 1 basic computer ($350 or less, if a new dedicated computer is needed)
    • Intel Pentium III or better for Windows
    • PowerPC G3 or better for MacOS
  • Free Adobe Reader
  • Basline undercoding rate 30% 
    • (JABFP 2001;14:184-92 and FPM October 2003 “How to get all the 99214s you deserve”)
  • Daily lost revenue due to undercoding – $300 per practitioner/day
  • Reduction in undercoding due to improved documentation, 50% or $150 in additional revenue/day
    • $750 increased revenue/week
    • $3000 increased revenue/week


A step by step example of how to estimate revenue increases by improving documentation and coding can be found at Family Practice Management.

Actual MedicalTemplates ROI depends on your baseline undercoding rate, any changes in coding you implement, and your reimbursement per patient encounter.  MedicalTemplates ROI can also be influenced by changes in downcoding rates by insurers and other factors.

The level of E&M coding submitted should reflect the actual work done and be supported by adequate documentation.  Documentation and coding is the responsibility of the practitioner submitting billing for the E&M encounter.

MedicalTemplates are documentation tools, and do not suggest or recommend any specific E&M coding level.