MS-DRGs and Comorbid Conditions (CCs and MCCs)

Download this handout about CCs and MCCs and the Medicare MS-DRG system as a PDFAdministrative Consultant Service, LLC (ACS) developed this excellent 6 page handout that discusses the impact of improved clinical documentation on hospital reimbursement under the MS-DRG system used by Medicare.Several examples of how specific and accurate documentation can lead to improved hospital revenue and an extensive list of common comorbid conditions (CCs) and major comorbid conditions (MCCs) are included in this handout. This handout is concise and well written, allowing any physician to update their knowledge about hospital documentation in just a few minutes.With increasing cost control pressures on hospitals, a clear understanding and application of this knowledge will make any physician an asset to the hospitals they work in.

Remember that complete, accurate, and timely clinical documentation improves patient safety, hospital reimbursement, and save you from calls from insurance companies!

Download MS-DRG workbook for CCs and MCCs

Download a detailed discussion of CC and MCC codes for the MS-DRG system as a PDF