Medical Spell Checker for Firefox and Thunderbird

Let’s face facts; we all know and love the spell check feature when writing an email or filling out a form. However, when it comes to medical spelling, the default dictionaries leave much to be desired. In healthcare, words are regularly flagged as misspelled, when in fact they are not. People working in medicine, anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, and other fields are all impacted by this problem, which can result in a surprisingly large amount of lost time and productivity as words are checked and rechecked for correctness – not to mention a high level of personal annoyance.

Apart from helping you make sure the medical words in your progress notes and reports are spelled accurately, a medical spell checker can enhance patient safety through properly spelled drug names. The correct spelling of drug names is a particularly complex problem with look alike and sound alike drug names that have been identified as common causes of medical errors.

OpenMedSpel medical spell checker for Mozilla Firefox
OpenMedSpel medical spell checker for Mozilla FirefoxDownload OpenMedSpel open source medical spell checker for Mozilla Firefox
OpenMedSpel medical spell checker for Mozilla FireFox for AndroidDownload OpenMedSpel open source medical spell checker for Mozilla FireFox for Android
OpenMedSpel medical spelling tool for Mozilla ThunderbirdDownload OpenMedSpel open source medical spelling tool for Mozilla Thunderbird

Why use the OpenMedSpel as your medical spell checker?

OpenMedSpel, or OMS, is a medical spelling plugin that adds tens of thousands of commonly used medical terms to your standard dictionary, ranging from abdominis to zygomatic, all of which aggravate traditional spell check programs and dictionaries. Here are some of the benefits of using OMS as your medical spell check tool:

  • Open Source – The fact that OpenMedSpel is a completely open source project, released under the GPL license, is a big benefit. A wide variety of qualified medical professionals have dedicated their time and effort to contributing to OMS, making it one of the most innovative medical spelling programs on the market.
  • Comprehensive – The database of terms used in the OMS medical spell check is comprehensive. Conditions themselves are of course covered, along with all anatomical terms, but part of what sets OMS apart from other medical spelling tools is the fact that it also includes a comprehensive listing of drug names as well. It is truly a comprehensive medical spell check tool for use in any industry in the health care field.
  • Easy to Install and Use – The OpenMedSpel medical spell checker plugin is very easy to install and use; no difficult installation or setup is required. Just visit the site, and with a single click the tool can automatically integrate with the Mozilla Firefox web browser or the Thunderbird email client.

So if you work in the health care field and have experienced a loss of productivity as you double-check those medical terms for correctness the umpteenth time, consider taking a look at OpenMedSpel. You’ll find that it will be of immense help when it comes to medical spelling. No other open source medical spell check tool is as comprehensive, powerful, or easy to use. Download a copy of OMS today and make your medical spelling hassles a thing of the past.

How can I help OpenMedSpel?

OpenMedSpel is funded by donated time and resources. The easiest way for you to help OpenMedSpel is to like, share, or tweet about MedSpel. This will help more people find and use OpenMedSpel, which is a big reward our developers!

Why opensource your medical spell checker?

Open source was a deliberate choice for the OpenMedSpel project. We wanted to bring a quality medical spellchecker in reach of every healthcare professional and use the collaborative nature of open source software to drive innovation in medical spelling tools for the medical informatics community. This has worked nicely with the OpenMedSpel project, and over 300,000 people have installed our Firefox plugin by the end of 2013.

OpenMedSpel is currently available in USA English. Other languages and localizations may be released in the future.

Please let us know if you add OpenMedSpel to an application so we can feature it on this page.

OpenMedSpel is provided “as is”, with no warranty of any kind.