Video: Add a free medical spell checker to Mozilla Firefox

Watch this video to learn how to install a free medical spell checker to Mozilla Firefox.

You can get step by step instructions on installing OpenMedSpel as a language pack for Firefox. This will help you make sure the medical words in your progress notes and reports are spelled accurately.

Why use the OpenMedSpel as your medical spell checker?

OpenMedSpel, or OMS, is a medical spelling plugin that adds tens of thousands of commonly used medical terms to your standard dictionary, ranging from abdominis to zygomatic, all of which aggravate traditional spell check programs and dictionaries. Here are some of the benefits of using OMS as your medical spell check tool:

  • Open Source – The fact that OpenMedSpel is a completely open source project, released under the GPL license, is a big benefit. A wide variety of qualified medical professionals have dedicated their time and effort to contributing to OMS, making it one of the most innovative medical spelling programs on the market.
  • Comprehensive – The database of terms used in the OMS medical spell check is comprehensive. Conditions themselves are of course covered, along with all anatomical terms, but part of what sets OMS apart from other medical spelling tools is the fact that it also includes a comprehensive listing of drug names as well. It is truly a comprehensive medical spell check tool for use in any industry in the health care field.
  • Easy to Install and Use – The OpenMedSpel medical spell checker plugin is very easy to install and use; no difficult installation or setup is required. Just visit the site, and with a single click the tool can automatically integrate with the Mozilla Firefox web browser or the Thunderbird email client.

So if you work in the health care field and have experienced a loss of productivity as you double-check those medical terms for correctness the umpteenth time, consider taking a look at OpenMedSpel. You’ll find that it will be of immense help when it comes to medical spelling. No other open source medical spell check tool is as comprehensive, powerful, or easy to use. Download a copy of OMS today and make your medical spelling hassles a thing of the past.